Are you interested in joining our team of qualified Supervisors? Choose your own schedule and your own rate, we will connect you with supervisees who are looking for your professional expertise. Use our platform for online supervision.

Our online portal will allow Supervisors and those seeking supervision to access one another in order to create a space of shared knowledge, skill and professionalism. Here are some reasons why we think you may want to join our team as a Supervisor:

  • It’s easy and straight forward – All you have to do is sign up as a supervisor and you will have instant access to individuals who are looking for a supervisor like you!
  • The marketing is done for you – Counselling Connection is responsible for all recruitment and organization of the platform.
  • You get to set your fee – Choose a price that reflects you as a Supervisor
  • You get to pick your schedule – It’s as easy as clicking on hours that you are available. These can change day to day and week to week.
  • Billing and invoicing is straight-forward – Counselling Connections handles all payment and remittance will be sent monthly.

Counselling Connection is comprised of a team who cares – we want to ensure the best practice for all clients receiving psychotherapy throughout Ontario.