Counselling Connection's Supervision Division

Counselling Connection’s Supervision Division can help to connect you with the right supervisor. Our team of diverse and highly qualified supervisors are here to provide efficient and convenient supervision that fits your schedule.

Here are some reasons you may want to explore Counselling Connection’s Supervision experience:

  • It’s easy to connect with supervisors from all around Ontario.
  • Supervisors have been verified by Counselling Connection and are qualified to provide supervision as determined by the CRPO; they are competent, professional & knowledgeable.
  • You choose a price that fits your needs
  • You can find a Supervisor that fits your schedule
  • You can access supervision from the comfort of your home or office

Find a Supervisor who fits your schedule and your budget

Connect with qualified Psychotherapists, Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals who can provide supervision as part of your on going training and support.

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